Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms of use are considered the documents that govern the relationship between Indwork and all users. For its part, the website is committed to all the terms and Conditions which concerned it, and sets some guarantees in the hands of its clients to be satisfied, correspondingly, demands that all the clients to be committed to this document also , and any breach thereof shall constitute an infringement on the integrity of the work through Indwork and shall therefore take such action as it deems appropriate from the list of procedures to be specified later in the "sanctions and prohibitions" section of this document, to guarantee the continuity of the work of "Indwork" to achieve the benefit and satisfaction to all the parties.

Client's approval:
Completion of the registration on the website necessarily means that the client has read this document and all the documents of the website and agreed on all its terms and the terms of all the website Policies. For its part, the site is committed to show an explanation window for this when the customer starts registration procedures on the website. Once the client exceeds this window, all the terms and conditions stated here are binding on him. In the case of that the Client does not agree to any of the terms of this document, he will be unable to use the Site. For our part, we allow your comments to be received - or your inquiries about - some of the items in this document through the "Contact Us" window.

Periodic Adjustments:
In the case of some problems or deductions, we may find that some of the terms of this document must be amended, to ensure that our services are provided properly and safe. When any modifications happen, It's the resposibility of the user to review the terms and conditions regularly to know the updates of it Because Once you continue the use of Website Services It will be considered a full consent to all the terms and conditions of this document and the Updates on it.

Registration on site:
Signing up for Indwork allows the Site to obtain and use certain data of the client as described in the Privacy Policy window, and also allows other clients on the Site to know and interact with such data. This data is the primary reference and the first guarantee of all transactions through the Site, and therefore in the case of receiving reports of any false or questionable data of a user, the Site immediately deactivate the account activity and carry out some certain mandatory procedures to validate the registration data. If any of the prior uncertainties set out, the site deactivates the account permanently.

Types of Accounts:
All clients of Indwork are business owners and freelancers and while signing up both of them will have the same registeration procedure and each one of them will have the ability to use his profile as an Employer or as a Freelancer take one of the two statuses: the first is the business owner and the second is the freelancer. Each of these two attributes sets the available options to the client on the site, and sets before that the required data to sign up, the way of presenting the account of the client, kinds of available interactions to him on the site, the binding items of the site's policies in its various fields, etc. It is worth mentioning that Indwork allows registration as a legal entity provided that the registration data is valid and authentic, which means that Independent professionals can create an "agency" for self employment, provided that the data of the agency are correct and authentic. Also a client of "business owners" can create a "company" to manage the business and not for a particular person, provided that the data of this company are valid and genuine.

Multiple User Accounts:
The website doesn't care about multiple accounts for the same person, as when person logged out of the site, he is considered an anonymous person for the site. But what Indowrk cares about is the status that of the user. Therefore, when multiple accounts are registered with some shared data, the site then considers it a sort of circumvention or using non-original data and accordingly blocks all these accounts at once. Therefore, if the client wants to manage several accounts for any reason whatsoever, he / she must use different data to reflect the degree to which he / she handles each account.

Eligibility of Client:
Due to the fact that transactions on Indwork entail a lot of legal obligations, legal status is necessary for all customers registered on the site. Therefore, any customer out of legal status, for any reason, is considered disqualified for treatment on the website dependency. And he/she will be prevented from completing the registration, until the completion of eligibility.
Transaction validity:
Any transaction on Indwork shall be deemed to be a valid and binding to its parties and to the Website as well when the following elements are available:
1- The validity of registering the accounts of the parties of this transaction and completing their eligibility.
2. Determine one method of payment among the available methods through the site.
3 - Determine the final image of the service required to be delivered by the party representing the independent professional, and determine the value of the material compensation from the party representing the business owner, and stated it accurately and clearly in the forms of electronic forms assigned by the site for interaction between customers.
4 - Determine all the time frames for the delivery of the service and receive the material payment clearly from the parties to the transaction.
5. The consent of the party representing the "business owner" to receive the service from the party representing the "Independent Professional", the Second Party's consent to receive the agreed cash value from the First Party, and completing the exchange through the designated windows on the Website.
6- Both parties at the end of the validity of the exchange will be informed of the changes in the balances of its financial accounts recorded on it.                                         

7- Once there is an Agreement between the client and the freelancer a contract will be automatically generated and sent to the website management that they are agreed on all the contract conditions related to the project which are required from the freelancer and the proposal submitted from the freelancer to the client. This contract can't be cancelled without the acceptance of both parties to save both parties rights and the client can't get his money back without the consent with the freelancer or you have to make a complaint to the website management to resolve the issue and solve the dispute and for more details read Dispute Policy Management.

Personal Security Procedures:

The site is committed to protecting its users from any potential manipulation or fraud, but the client is also part of the account security task. If the customer does not do his / her own protection, the website will not be able to assist him / her as required.

Personal Security:
1 - Registration with a strong password according to thee management estimation, which shows you an indication how strong the password for your account.
2. Identify (through the "Privacy Policy" window) the types of data that appear to the rest of the users on the Site, and avoid including any personal details that may expose you to subsequent damage, such as details of your transactions, and details of your personal use of smart electronic devices.
3. Do not make any agreement outside the windows which designated for it on Indwork.
4. Make sure of price of the service you provide or receive through Indwork at the initial agreement.
5. Verify that your account data is correct, and if any doubt that these statements are not true, report the account immediately and the site team will take action.
6. Evaluate the accounts of users you've dealt with continuously, which is a good reference for you and other users later in eliminating un-trusted accounts, and creating a powerful and unique work community on Indwork.

Dispute management:
When reporting any problem, the site automatically freezes the balances of the financial accounts and stops all transactions for the users representing the parties to the problem until they are settled. The site relies upon arbitration on any dispute on the data recorded and only the personal account data or the log data between the parties of the problem, if one of the parties has relied on external statements, the site directly raises its hand to arbitrate the problem and considers it as non-existent, and re-activates the accounts in a normal manner. If it is proved by reference to the data recorded on Indwork, Directly assesses the damage caused by the erroneous party, and shall take such action as may be necessary to compensate for such damage among the actions set out in the item of "Sanctions and prohibitions".

Responsibility of the Website:
Liability of Indwork shall cease at the time of the transaction and all its statements shall be recorded. If certain items are agreed upon between the employer and the independent professional through any other means outside the boundaries of the site, there is no responsibility on the site. as well as in any transaction where the parties do not record all the terms of the agreements which clarified and specified in a specific and categorical and does not tolerate any kind of guidance on forms dedicated to this on the site; there is no responsibility rests on "Indwork" towards such type too.
Also: Indwork is not responsible for the error in the pricing of the service from one of the parties. The professional has to make a good estimate towards his effort. The employer should estimate the value of the service provided to him as well. In case of agreeing on the price and explaining this in the data recorded by the site, The Agreement is considered true and the Website bears no responsibility for the error in the estimates of any party.

User Protection:

Sanctions and prohibitions procedures:

In Case of breach of the website Policy or Fraud, the website will take appropriate action to the situation ( Warning, Suspend the Account, apply fees on the account)

Deleting account:
When a customer sees that his presence on Indwork is no longer necessary, useful or consistent with his privacy and security considerations, the Site may cancel his registration or delete his account as he wishes. The account data throughout his activity on Indwork remains and the site may use it later in any documented complaint related to this account. The site also requests the account holder to explain why he wishes to delete or disable the account. In the case that there are some transactions in this account, The Website shall refrain from disabling the account until completion of such transactions, and request to close the account is considered an attempt to fraud and deception, then the website freezes the balances of the account until the reasons for the request and making sure of no manipulation or deception.

Social Network Services:
The site allocates some space for interaction outside the framework, in order to allow exchanging views, sharing of experiences, building relationships, etc. However, these areas are also subject to certain conditions and provisions that ensure that they do not depart from their disciplined framework and purpose.
1. Content published must comply with Indwork's goals and nature. If any content that does not comply with the site's goals and vision is reported, the site will block publication after verifying the contents of the communication.
2. If the content posted in any of the social media spaces violates the privacy of an individual, exceeds intellectual property rights, carries any clear-cut insults or racist references, and is reported, the site directly blocks the published content and suspends the activity of the account holder for a period determined by the working group.
3. The Site is not responsible for any links contained in any social media publication and is not responsible for the policies of the sites to which it is referred.
4. The site is not responsible for the content of the transferred content without reference to its sources. If the site's management informs the owner of a legal entity in the owner of the original content that one of the publications contains content related to it, the site's management blocks the publication after confirming the authenticity of the communication, any other obligations thereon.
5. Indwork shall not be liable for any content published, stored or uploaded in interactive areas by users, and shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from them.
6. Indwork shall not be liable for any misinformation, misuse or pornographic material encountered in interactive areas. In the case of a communication to any legal entity, the account holder is the person to be held accountable and not the site administrator.
7. The Site is only morally committed to considering the misuse of interactive spaces, blocking some publications, or even disrupting or suspending the activity of certain users' accounts accordingly, but legally there is no liability on the Site.
8. If a user posts any content and the site deletes it as a result of a communication or any other reason, the site has no obligation to resubmit the deleted content to its owner if it so requests, and to back up the content is the responsibility of the user.
9- In the case of misuse of interactive spaces on the site, the site management is entitled to take appropriate actions towards the content and the account holder alike, and the site is also committed to disclose all the data required legally from the official authorities considered in the prosecution resulting from the abuse of these areas.

Reference of Definitions:
- Anyone who registers on Indwork account shall be referred to as one of the following expressions: "User", "Site Client", "Account Holder", or any of the pronouns of the letter: "You", "You" or any formula performs one meaning of all of the above.

- Indwork team is referred to as one of the following expressions: "site", "team", "Indwork", "our site", or the pronoun of speech: "we" or in any form that makes one sense of all Previous.

- "Account Data" means the data that the user places on the electronic registration form that appears at the time of registration on the Site, and also includes other data obtained by the Website thereafter as set out in the Privacy Policy window.

- "Independent Professional": A term referring to the party performing the Services on the Site.

- "Employer": A term that refers to the party requesting the completion of services on the Site.

- "Service": A term that refers to the work that is delivered from the "Independent Professional" to the "Employer".

- "Social networking services": These are interactive services on the site outside the professional framework, either to share knowledge or to share views or to build relationships.

- "Post": is all the post that published by users in social media spaces of knowledge or interactive content.

- "Account Evaluation": A term that refers to a feature that allows users of the site to write a brief evaluation of their experience with the account holder.

- "Privacy Policy": A set of items that describes the types of data that the site obtained from users, and how to use them, and what is shared with third parties.

- "Terms of Use": The conditions that govern the relationship between the site and users.

- "Methods of Payment": means the means adopted by the site in the financial exchanges.

- "Sanctions and prohibitions" means punishment actions taken by websites against a person who violates a provision of the Terms of Use window.