Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Registration in any website requires to declare some personal information of the user, and as a security document for not misusing these data. The website allocates a window on the front of the website that shows the privacy policy statement. It explains the different paths of data that the site receives from the user at registration, refers to the reasons of the necessity for the site to obtain such data from the ground, in addition to listing some of the actions taken to protect these data from any violation, and then the user either accept or refuse it before completing registration.

I. Gathering information:

- Nature of users:

Indwork uses two main categories: the first category is the "Employers" category, the second is the "Freelancers" category, and anyone belonging to one of these categories can register on the site in one of two qualities: either individually or as a corporate entity (organization in the case of employers, and a freelance agency in the case of independent professionals), which means that each client of the site can record his / her data as follows: Name: X , Phone number: Personal number, Email: Personal address, Financial exchange account: Personal account ... etc.

It can also be registered as follows: Name: Company name or agency, Telephone number: Company or agency contact number, Email: Address of company or agency communication department ... etc.

- Types of data obtained by the website:

1. Personal data:

Such as: name, phone number, e-mail address and other personal identification data. These data are the most protected data on the site, and are used in very narrow settings. The user is often presented directly in every use of these data, because these data are direct metadata.

- Data of Financial Transactions:

In order to determine the methods of financial transactions and to follow its procedures and registration that would guarantee the rights of all parties ; The website maintains the data of the registered financial accounts of all types, records the transactions in which they are conducted, and the amounts of the balances of these accounts before and after each transaction.

3. Personal Verification Data:

To secure accounts of the users, the website maintains some additional data that is used to verify the identity of the account holder in specific cases. This type of data is used in the Security Questions feature and other security features.

4. Usage data:

The site maintains some data for the conduct of users, which is not personally identifiable, but it is important for the site to categorize and target users more accurately, as well as to test the clarity of its structure, ease of routing and cohesion of its components.

5. Integrating usage data into personal data:

Some unidentifiable usage data can be combined with some personal data to create a clear picture of a particular user's behavior so that the site can serve it better. In other words, user paths on the site, for example, can be combined with their personal data and make these two types of data a single object like, name, membership number or other personal information, taking into consideration that the embedded data of this type is treated with the same policy as personal data, and given the same protection.

6. Interaction data on the site:

When you interact on "Indwork" with other users, the site records some personal data to those who interact with them and link these data to your account, to create a list of your own and might be used later to improve service.

7. Intermediate platform data:

When you register on the website through one of the intermediate platforms (social network site such as "Facebook"); we are receiving all the recorded data to your account on this platform middleware and record it to the field of your identification.

8. Data of Activity:

We also keep some data automatically once your network activity is active, such as the type of search engine you use, the path you have taken on the network to access us, the areas you have visited on our site, and so on. These data are used in some analytical purposes to raise the value of the content, improve the process of its visibility and to facilitate the paths of visitors.


9. Reference to other people:

Indwork also allows you to recommend the site's services to non-users. To test the effectiveness of the recommendations, the website stores some of the recommendation process data.

For example, when you refer to an account for a non-user friend on the website - through an intermediate social media platform - we directly store the data available to the account you referred to, as it's used later on to follow his benefits from our services. In case of unwillingness of the account holder, he can tell us through "contact us" 

- Technology used.

- How to deal with: "Do not track signals"?

Data appear on the interface of the website to others:

Some of your data is available to other users of the site, because the site's service is essentially an interactive service, so it's important to have some data available to others so they can start interacting with you.


1. Personal data:

Most of the personal data that the account records are available to appear on the site, such as your name, Personal Photo and career record, , and you are not allowed to control the appearance of some data, such as birth date, phone numbers and e-mail address. This info is to safe your data and the website is not responsible for the violation of your privace policy.

2 - Social network activity:

Indwork is an effective platform for social communication with a clear framework. This requires that some of your interactions appear in the allocated spaces for this role on the website, such as the blogs you publish, the questions you submit, the works you share, and your ratings of other users' accounts on the site.



3. Your evaluation to us:

We are concerned about the customer evaluations of our service, and we consider the positive evaluations to be a source of pride and happiness for us, and a safety document for those who want to join our customer list later, so we show some of these assessments on the website for this purpose. In case of that you want to hide any of your post, just tell us through "contact us" window.

4. User ratings for you:

To keep the quality of the work community on Indwork, we are interested in showing users 'assessments of others' accounts, so everyone would still interested in satisfying each other, which drives the whole business community forward. If your account is subjected to some arbitrary or erroneous assessments, contact us and we will look into the problem.

5. List of publications:

For business owners: The business record you posted on the site are available to all customers for independent professionals to apply for. You can control how some of these publications appear through Privacy Settings.


6 - Interactions of social networking sites:

Some publications on the site are automatically linked to users' social networking accounts, so when you share or comment on these posts, it appears on the website interface for other users.

Data usage:

The data that Indwork collects from users are necessary to make use of the website services.

 In the following, provisions for the use of such data:

 1- To complete the Agreements:

Indwork is an interactive platform, and you can only make a work agreement when you and a freelancer have the required data to complete your profile. This requires that the site obtains a certain amount of data from each user. It also requires that some of these data are displayed to other users.

2. To communicate with you:

In cases of problem reporting, fear of harm, or willingness to communicate about any other emergency situation, the team will be able to complete this communication only if some of your data are registered.


3. Nominations:

To help users obtain appropriate nominations, the site stores some of their data for later use in this role.

4. To cooperate with you:

The site team may see access to the services of a user by creating a form of collaboration or establishing a practical partnership, which requires the existence of user's data with the team of the website, as well as the clarity of the efficiency of its activity log.

5. Research purposes:

The Internet is an important source for some official statistics and analysis, which are used to manage some crises or to handle certain situations. Indwork is part of this network, so some of users' data is encoded and used in some of these purposes upon request.

6. Legal procedures:

In the case of a dispute with any judicial authority concerning a case of damage, the site needs to have available data to preserve its rights, user rights, and intermediate platform rights.

7. To secure the accounts:

If a breach of one of our registered accounts is reported, we need to validate the complaint by identifying the original account holder through some of our data.