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About US

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In a world that is enthusiastically driven towards deregulation of labour markets from all traditional constraints and providing bigger opportunities for individuals to reach the highest degree of mobility and competitiveness, the intermediary platforms for online freelance comes as one of the most important direct applications for the ultimate globalization & the brilliant flexibility of different market places.

"IndWork" :

In May 2018, "Independent Work = IndWork " began as an intermediate platform of online freelancing in Cairo, Egypt. Its aim was to create free and disciplined environment for freelancing


" IndWork " aims to be one of the world's three largest freelancing platforms within 3 years of its starting.


" IndWork " works on three main axes:

- Assisting freelancers to find many suitable opportunities with a stable rate.

- Helping employers in providing a variety of choices to accomplish their tasks and projects.

- Ensure the creation of an environment of freelancing characterized by credibility, professionalism, flexibility and safety

Working Features:

- " IndWork " allows you to work in various fields, not just a particular kind of work, what makes it an open space for all the works that can be done online.

- " IndWork " also allows different levels of membership, providing a required various level of staff, to suit all sizes of tasks to be accomplished.

- " IndWork " does not limit its activity to a specific geographical scale, allowing wide richness in the nature of the individuals who are active on it.

- " IndWork " allows the employer and freelancer to agree on their own terms of all the work done through it, what allows a great freedom in choosing what is highly suited to the needs of each individual.

- " IndWork " is a direct mediator in all financial transactions through which it ensures the rights of all its customers.