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The financial interaction through “IndWork:

1-Bank Transfer (For Freelancer).

The process of collection of funds is done according to the following path:

1. The financial remuneration shall be agreed between the independent professional and the employer when the first is submitted to the project presented by the second.

2. Once the agreement is completed, IndWork" withdraws the agreed amount from the employer's account and adds it to the site's balances.

3. After the completion of the work by the freelancer and by the consent of the employer, a pre-booked amount will be automatically submitted to the freelancer's account.

Unfortunately, no action could be taken by the website in this regard, but it is possible to take advantage of the social networking sites on the site to see the experiences of others and benefit from their advice.

You should inform us with the nature of the problem through the "Contact Us" window. We will consider your request to fix the problem if the problem is technical. If the problem is due to negative evaluations from customers, the site has no right to interfere in changing the users' opinions in order to preserve the credibility of the work environment.

Conditions that obstacle to sign in to your account on the site:

1. The registration data is incorrect.

2. The account is blocked or deleted by the site's administrator for violating the usage policy.

3. Account hacking and anonymous password change. In this case, the matter is resolved through the "Security Questions" feature, or by providing proof of ownership of the account, and the site administrator will assist the user in retrieving the account.

Once the project owner agrees to receive the work, the site will immediately supply the agreed amount to the independent professional account. If this is delayed, the problem will often be technical. Contact the site management through the "Contact Us" window and we will assist you in collecting the payment.

Once the agreement between the parties has been completed, the site management withdraws the agreed amount from the employer's balance. The amount remains suspended in the accounts of the site until delivery of the work by the freelancer.

Therefore, the process of receiving the independent professional of the agreed amount is a process of automatic mechanism that goes automatically once the employer confirms his receipt of the work, and there is no chance of any problem of any kind regarding this. But if the client denied to receive the work you can make a complaint to the website management through make a complaint with all the project details and for more details read dispute resolution policy.

In order to keep the credibility of the work environment on “IndWork”, site management does not intervene in the process of account evaluations unless there is a technical problem, but otherwise it is not allowed to close the property or to guide it in favor of any party.

Site management prohibits the publication of anything that violates the privacy of individuals, infringes intellectual property rights or violates the law, and prohibits publications that contain any violation of one of the “IndWork” Terms of Use set out in the Terms of Use window.

The site does not collect any money for Posting a project, only the bank charges for financial transactions and the commission of the site for each work done through it, and for more details you can refer to the page "Deposit and Withdrawals Policy" to learn how to manage financial transactions on the site.

You can, of course, Through Dispute Resolution System by providing proof of breach by the freelancer by agreement between both of you, to return the amount from your suspended account to your active account through the website Management. For more details, see the "Refund Policy" listed on the "Deposit Policy" page and “Dispute Resolution Policy”.

"IndWork" is a business management site where profits are earned for all parties. Voluntary work is therefore not something that can be traded on the site because of the nature of the site.

As long as the project is not assigned to a particular person, the amendment is permitted on all items. After the agreement is completed, the terms of the offer cannot be modified.

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