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Make sure you fulfill all the required details properly, if it is still a problem, text the website through “contact us" window.

The website is benefited through commissions applied to the deals done through it. And for more details see the Policy of Fees and Charges. 

 In cases of violations of the “terms of use",”intellectual property rights”, or “privacy policy"; the website can temporarily withhold user's account or permanently deactivate it. Without reference to the owner,
Thus it is an essential mission of the client to check these taps information to avoid any problem related to his account

Yes, some data on the account can be easily changed later, especially the professional data that is constantly updated. Data that cannot be changed are personal identification data such as username or the feedback from the projects.

This is done by submitting a request to the management of the site. The administration responds to this request after reviewing the account data and making sure that there are no financial obligations for any other customer. Once the account is deleted, all the projects published on it are deleted. The same account cannot be returned with the same data after deletion.

There are two ways for financial interactions through “IndWork:

1-Visa, Master Card (For Clients)

2-Bank Transfer (For Freelancer).

All details of financial exchanges and genealogical accounts are available upon your visit to the "Deposit and withdrawals Policy" page on the

Cancellation of agreements by mutual consent shall normally occur once the work has been canceled and there will be no problem, consequences or damage as a result. In the case of the dispute, the injured party shall submit a complaint to the site management with accompanying evidence. The site's management will dispose of it and charge the wrong party all costs of damages resulting from this dispute.

For more information on conflict management policy please refer to the “Terms and Conditions of Use” page on the website.

The site has no hand in evaluating user accounts, customers evaluate each other's accounts, and the evaluation that appears on the site is the assessment of the other customers of the account rather than the evaluation of the site. Customers are advised in their evaluations to clearly state the reasons for their evaluations so that other customers can take a clear picture of each client they deal with on the website. They handle it on the site to ensure a good working environment all the time.

See previous customer ratings, the number of projects the customer has interacted with, the duration of their membership.

Firstly: be clear and specific while filling up the "Sign Up" form Then, keep your profile updated with the last info.

In the "My Proposals" window, you can view your entire business list, indicating the status of each business, whether it has been assigned to you, or your offer is still under consideration, or if your offer is rejected and work is assigned to another customer

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