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To secure your account, follow the next instructions:
1- choose a strong password which contains letters, numbers, and characters. We are going to help you showing your password strength level anyway.
2- Don't forget to set some safety questions to use in emergencies.
3- Make sure that you're using the original and the formal information, to be used later as a reference of owning the account.

You can promote your account by getting good reviews from your clients. and By joining Indwork Trust Program for more details see Indwork Trust Program Requirements.

- A number of measures are taken to make the financial transactions on "Indwork" fully secure.

1- Payment data of each user are stored in the website database in an encrypted form, so that it cannot be viewed or used.

2- All the money paid is received in the account "Indwork" first, and then the website delivers to the owner. "Indwork" imposes itself as a fixed party in all financial transactions, and these transactions are not between customers directly, what makes the website adjust, secure and control all financial exchanges conducted through it.

3- Requests for withdrawals from users are directed to "Indwork" accounts, not to other user accounts. After reassuring the validity of the process, the site deducts the withdrawn amount from the customer's balance to be paid in order to ensure that the site is a direct opponent of any deception or manipulation. , So customers are always safe away from it.

4- The site offers multiple ways to pay, so that the customer chooses the safest way for him.

5- All links through which material exchanges are made are fully secured from the site.

6- Payment information is fully insured by "IndWork, but the customer must verify the degree of insurance of his data to the bank where he deals.- Measures are taken to secure the financial exchange procedure through “IndWork”

Check the "Intellectual property right Policy" window in the "Terms and conditions" corner at the bottom of our website.

Indwork" is such a model of freelance work, so that all the users who want to achieve their work on "IndWork” can't interact actively out of the electronic space at any stage.

All the posts that violate member's privacy, copyrights, or are against the law will be blocked.

No, the arrangement of posts is based on the website's policy and is controlled by administration in accordance with the usage policy But if you want your project to be on the top of the Required category it is possible by choosing Your Project as Advanced when you fill the details of the project and this service is for 5 $.

Regarding usual posts it will be deactivated once the publisher deactivates it. or it will be deactivated automatically if the project isn't awarded to any freelancer within 7 days.

Regarding employers: in case of a delay from the freelancer, you kindly report him to the website with proof that supports your position, and the website won't allow his payment.

Regarding freelancers: as soon as you set a deal, your payment fees will be withdrawn from the employer’s account to be held in the website's account until the employer confirms receiving the work, then it is transferred to your account. But if the client denied to receive the work you can make a complaint to the website management through make a complaint with all the project details and for more details read dispute resolution policy.

- No payment method is recommended by us, it solely depends on your preferable. And the available methods are

1-Visa, Master Card (For Clients)

2-Bank Transfer (For Freelancer).

Responses of services of social networks are available all the time, yet job posts (projects) are active as long as the duration set by the client in the primary forum. or it will be deactivated automatically if the project isn't awarded to any freelancer within 7 days.

No you can't, as the account information settings are designed to include all your skills, experiences, and samples, so you will not need to add it

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