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  4. Portofolio 35 %

Once the agreement between the parties has been completed, the site management withdraws the agreed amount from the employer's balance. The amount remains suspended in the accounts of the site until delivery of the work by the freelancer.

Therefore, the process of receiving the independent professional of the agreed amount is a process of automatic mechanism that goes automatically once the employer confirms receiving the work, and there is no chance of any problem of any kind regarding this. But if the client denied to receive the work you can make a complaint to the website management through make a complaint with all the project details and for more details read dispute resolution policy.

Freelancing job is a kind of work that you are belonging to neither a certain place nor a steady career structure, when you are free from authority and from job degree. You only depend on your own skills in showing the service to meet the needs of people, then you make deals and get paid for your service and you get your money from them by yourself.


The main differences between freelancing and a life-long tenure are:

1-freelancing is a job you do on your own, so you need a variety of skills to establish a fair clients base, while in a fixed job you belong to a bigger entity, thus your part is often specified.

2- In a life-long tenure you have a fixed income, while through freelancing your income depends on the amount of tasks that you do per month, so it is expected that you would face some difficulties in the beginning till you establish a fair clients base.

3- - In a life-long tenure  you have to work from a certain place with a fixed working hours, while through freelancing you can work from anywhere anytime, it all depends on what you agreed on with the client.

Freelancing is divided into two main types:

1- electronic "online freelancing"

 2 - field (or direct)

Electronic work is the work that can be accomplished through smart electronic devices, in areas such as programming, graphic design, video making, content writing, electronic marketing etc.

While field work is the work you do yourself by being physically active, in areas such as organizing field events or tourist guidance, etc.

One of the most important features of freelancing is that you do not need time or place to work. All of these elements can be controlled in your agreements with customers, and it is also important that your income increases by increasing your activity and production, unlike the fixed job where your income is limited, Free work allows you to communicate directly with customers without any intermediary, so the financial value that is agreed upon goes fully to the employer that is you.

 The most important challenge of the freelance work is requiring more effort to gain additional skills beside your specialization, such as marketing, agreements-making and direct negotiation. Also the volume of income of the freelance work depends on your rate of achievement, and therefore in times of laziness or lack of desire to achieve your income will decrease significantly, unlike the job that keeps minimum income regardless of the rate of your activity or achievement.

As any company or profit organization, they can't enjoy sustainability and financial stability after the demand outweighs the supply. Likewise, in the freelance work, you will achieve financial stability, if you work on increasing the size of the customer base that you deal with to ensure the continuity of demand for your services and it often depends on two main components: mastering self marketing and proficiency to be recommended by your previous clients

The most common freelancing fields are: translation, writing, voice over, video making, graphics design, programming, and digital marketing, generally every field can be done via smart electronic devices is a suitable field for online freelancing.

A freelancer should be having three main skills: self-marketing, communication and interaction skills with variety of clients, mastering negotiations and finishing deals, beside proficiency.

Freelancing depends mainly on reputation, and relations so to expand your clients base, you need to master your work, satisfy your previous clients and earn their trust, which will lead them to you again to ask for your services and recommend you to other clients.

And To earn your clients trust you have to respect your deadlines, don't exaggerate in pricing your work, and make your final product matches the clients need not your personal point of view

Knowledge is the most important guarantee of the rights of any of the parties to the freelancing, and the first duties of knowledge to know with whom you deal with, do not make the other party unknown to you, but collect all the possible information to form your stand on him

Documentation is also an important guarantee of rights, not relying on verbal agreements or verbal promises, but documenting all the terms of the agreement as a reference which is then available in any possible dispute.

One of the things that guarantee your rights is also: to abide by all that has been agreed upon by you, so that your dereliction are not used as an argument against you in wasting your rights.

Check the "contact us" window at the upper label in the website homepage, and we're going to reply as soon as possible.

Through two ways:
1- Getting  good ratings from your former customers, so be sure to hand over your business to the client asking them to evaluate your account on the site, and the more good customer ratings you get, the better your chances of appearing on the site

2- By Joining Indwork Trust Program and for more details See The Requirements of the Program.

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