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Freelancing… Starting Requirements and Road Challenges

Jun 05,2018

Advantages always the motivation for seeking something in particular, Freelancing also applies this rule, we see from the outside several advantages which are not provided by the fixed job, Such as, flexibility in times and places of work, and providing faster and lighter opportunities to raise the value of personal income, and many other advantages. But our pursuit of advantages always makes us can't pay attention to the challenges and difficulties we may face, what makes us surprised by these unexpected challenges and difficulties that aren't taken into consideration. We lose patience quickly, and our capability to follow up easily… Therefore, we try to refer to some of the requirements that freelancer need before starting the road of the freelancing world, and we also refer to some of the challenges and obstacles that will be faced on this road, to be prepared as required and overcome it.

First: The Requirements:

Freelancing gives you a great deal of freedom to manage your business. This is a fact, but this freedom means that all the secondary, subsidiary and commuting functions that other members have done in an integrated team in the company or the business have become all of your responsibilities. Getting customers to become your core business, being able to introduce yourself and marketing your service too, negotiating with customers about the terms of a work agreement, collecting the income, managing costs and using them to increase returns are all your tasks. To accomplish these tasks the freelancer should get some basic skills, which we call "freelancing requirements" and they are:


  1. Marketing… to know how to market for the self and for the service that you provide, to determine the course of action and plan, to be able to build a stable base of customers, and to learn how to grow and develop the work.
  2. Negotiation… To know how to negotiate with customers about all the terms of a work agreement, so you can reach disciplined and convenient agreements.
  3. Design principles and some of its initial tools… Above setting up your professional profile, which you use to present yourself to customers, many works will be required to be delivered in a presentation file. The presentation in this file should be impressive to the customer. This requires learning some design principles and mastering some its simple primary tools, to accomplish such works.  
  4.  Good use Technology… Freelancing is an online open market, if you don't learn how to make the best use of it; you will lose many easy and available opportunities. Making use of this market requires being aware of digital technology, its tools, its improvements and other of this to use this knowledge directly in many different freelancing websites online.
  5. Time management… In freelancing you will not work in limited time as same as in the fixed job, as you come and go to the company in a specific time, but you should control your working time, so you should get the minimum knowledge of time management and organizing the tasks in the way that keeps your resources and your energy.
  6. Financial management… You will not find the fixed income that you're paid at the beginning of each month, but here it depends on the rate of your achievements and its type, so you always need to set calculations and expectations about the financial situation with both costs and returns to avoid possible crises.

Second:  Challenges:

Obtaining that mentioned requirements is the biggest challenge for the freelancer. Because it enables him to overcome all the possible difficulties in his journey of freelancing world, but to affirm: we will mention in details the big challenges in this journey, that every freelancer may face it to be prepared and to deal with it quietly and steady as required.

  1. Customer base stability… customer base stability requires being steady in work to gain a good wide reputation, so it's a challenge that's defeated by time if you have the needed patience and insistency.
  2.  Financial stability… This challenge is the other face of the previous challenge (customer base stability), because financial stability will happen once you build a wide stable base of customers, and it's a matter of time as we mentioned. If you kept your patience and stability as required in work, in marketing as well.
  3. Balance…   As we said that freelancing allows a complete flexibility in working time, if you didn't manage this flexibility, it would turned into a damaged tool to all the aspects of your life. Because working time is unlimited, so if you didn't set a personal system for it, you'll find yourself working all the time, what causes a huge damage in your other life aspects; social, health… etc.

​Therefore, you have to know that time management is one of the most important requirements which you should gain before entering the freelancing world.

Now you are completely ready for entering in the freelancing world… start immediately!




Jun 20,2018

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