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For the freelancers: How would you be an ideal choice for the employer?

Jun 05,2018

Usually the efficiency of any market is measured by the volume of competitiveness. Markets that allow greater competitiveness are often more efficient, dynamic and beneficial to all parties. In “IndWork” we are seeking to build a privileged freelancing society, we have been keen on providing a high degree of competitiveness, to make the freelancers always seek to develop their skills and potentials and to put the entrepreneurs in front of multiple choices to guarantee better opportunities for all …

 In this blog, we will provide freelancers with some tips to help them improving their chances to compete for the order demands, to be always at the desired level of professionalism in working environment level, and to ensure the benefit for all.

1. The Profile:

The profile is the only reference to the employer to know you, so always make sure that the profile contains the following elements:

  • Reflects your job nature and your activity, so if you are a designer, your profile should be headed by an impressive design and If you are a proofreader, all the texts in the profile should be as right, disciplined and well written as possible ... etc.
  • Includes all your identification data and all the needed information by the employer … Be sure that it would never be good for you if there was another profile that reflects lower proficiency than yours, but his owner identified himself fully and adequately. As the employer looks for trust and transparency as well as efficiency. So, don't ever make him ask about a vague point or missing detail.
  • To be brief as much as possible … don't dwell on mentioning unimportant or sub-information, and don't prolong explaining points unnecessarily, so make your words focused and well organized to ensure reaching your message quickly and clearly. 

 2. Clarifying the method of payment:

This is a point that would be better to be mentioned during the agreement, because some updates may occur later, and these updates may require a new agreement on additional items … Therefore, the clarifying of the way of costing may be important to avoid subsequent disagreements. For example, if you told the client that the cost of completing the work is 10 dollars, it is better to clarify to him that the 10 dollars are for the number of hours required to complete the task, or that these ten dollars are for work required… etc. If the client subsequently requests radical changes in the work nature, it will be easy then to tell him that this new change will require agreement on a new cost given the calculation method approved by you... etc.

And here we don't mean to agree on a changeable value with the customer, as it isn't professional and not available and cause many disagreements later … but, we mean that the agreement is on a clear fixed value with clarifying that this value is a result of a certain

way of calculation, avoiding disagreements and to give a good impression to the employer that you are flexible regarding the financial return.

3. Declaring the Time frame:

It's important to be clear regarding the deadline of submitting the work, but what's more important to be committed to it… so, you should have a reference to estimate the time that will be taken for a task. Measure the rate of your achievement obviously and make it your standard in all the agreements with costumers later. Be careful to leave a space in case of any emergency circumstances. Do not forget to consider the times of your preoccupation with any other obligations, of course.

Flexibility and giving solutions and alternatives:

If you are not able to do a work from an entrepreneur, for any reason, whether you're busy or the work is out of your specialty, do not lose this client as a possible opportunity in the future. Focus on giving him alternatives or solutions as a specialist and more knowledgeable about the market. Help him to solve his problems, even if you are not able to do it by yourself, it will not cost you much time, but will add a lot to your reputation.

Also, in the case of negotiating with an entrepreneur to do a job, do not stick to your conditions intransigently, be as flexible as possible (to the extent that you do not overcharge your rights) and leave a good impression on the deal. This would be your investment in the future.

4. Ask for evaluation, put the comments into consideration, provide future promises:

Tell the client that you keen on knowing his feedback about working with you; ask him to let this comment in the account ratings. Indicate that you are focusing on the negative points more than the positive points. Make these comments references to evaluate and develop your capabilities. Don't forget to provide your clients with future promises by focusing on the positive points, keeping them, improving the negative points and developing the weakness.

Put these things in your consideration, commit to it as hard as you can, and we promise you to be an ideal choice to all the clients!





Oct 07,2018