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Where to Find Work as a Freelancer

Oct 17,2018

Where to find work as a Freelancer?

Far from a clear economic horizon, there are thousands of people who continue to look for employment on the internet today. If you are novice or very well experienced in the field of freelancing and looking for the platforms from where you can find work, here we have listed top rated sites. 

Indwork: has a different approach to the others in the above list. This platform is for experienced professionals who work as a freelancer. On this site, it has a selection process & fair compensation.


This website is well-known in the world and it is about to reach the 10 million professionals, is the reference site to find work for free. Also, it is very easy to use. Register your work profile and complete all the necessary information to win the project auctions. Thanks to the system of scores and official exams, you can prove the quality of your skills, diligence in deliveries and other positive aspects. 


This website was formerly known as ODesk. This other employment portal for freelancers is also popular. On this site, you can easily find projects according to your skills. 
This is very well recognized portal that works as a meeting point between companies, entrepreneurs and individuals find professionals in the most diverse areas to perform specific jobs.


Twago is another platform on which thousands of clients you can find easily. This platform is clearly inspired by It also offers a system of ratings and ratings that will revalue your profile as you finish assignments.


PeoplePerHour is a UK-based company and it is similar to Upwork. It is a mix between a mini-jobs market and a complete freelance contracting platform. That is, it is possible to offer a service for a certain amount of money, called Hourlie, or apply to be hired by the hour or at a fixed price.

It can be very useful if you want to promote yourself. It gives you the possibility to assert the tasks you are able to perform in an hour, for example: "In one hour I can write 600 words blog/article".


This is a network of work with presence throughout Latin America. This allows you to connect with the best and very well experienced professionals freelancers and super interesting projects. 


There are over 250,000 freelancer portfolios listed around the globe on Guru website. You can easily find clients from all the areas looking for professionals who can help in their projects.  


If you are master in illustration, graphics, or advertising, this platform is perfect for you. 99designs have specially focused on freelancers who are expert in the world of designs. They also conduct various competitions on the theme of designs. If you want to show your skills and talent to the world, 99designs is the ideal site for you. 

Demand Media:

If you believe that you are creative in photographing, producing, filmmaking, writing or any other creativity, register yourself on Demand Media. Here you can apply for the valuable content that attracts numerous public around the world.




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