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Pros and Cons of Freelancing

Oct 12,2018

Pros and Cons of Freelancing:

Nowadays, the term "Freelance" is widely used and yet not everyone is clear about exactly what it is. The term freelance is not something new, it comes from many years.

Well, applying it to the current era is something similar, it is a person who works on their own, doing certain jobs for third parties, and they are paid for the result and not for the time that the project takes. 

Working autonomously means not having to adjust to a specific schedule, not having to adjust to a company policy or answering an annoying boss since you are your own boss and therefore you establish your own rules. 

Many succeed, and that is why there are freelancers working in many areas. Of course, not all are advantages, since being a freelance involves a series of risks that you have to be willing to take. That's why it is essential to look at its Pros & Cons.


•    Flexibility: Being a freelancer gives you a lifestyle or rather a work, flexible, being able to choose where, when and with whom to work. You can establish your own schedules.
•    Control: You control the workload that you want to support, being able to choose the projects that you really want to do. Without anyone forcing you to do something, you do not like.
•    There is no limit on the potential income so you can earn much more money than if you had a fixed salary
•    You can expand the areas in which you work without having to change jobs.
•    Currently, there are many platforms to get a job as a freelancer. You can create your own profile and start to get interesting projects with which to obtain online reputation and even a wide portfolio of clients.


•    Nobody pays you for the equipment, software or vacation days and also you will not have extra payments or company bonuses.
•    You can be lonely. You may miss the support and camaraderie of working as a team.
•    There is no guarantee that you will find a job or earn money.
•    Working alone means being responsible for each of your decisions and having to learn from the mistakes you make.

What do you earn with it?

The range of clients is enormous, ranging from small start-ups that have just started to some of the best-known brands. It is a job in which the freelance has to manage everything from the project itself to stay updated with respect to their knowledge, through financial and administrative tasks and also have to dedicate time to launch and self-promote to get customers.

In addition to organizing well your time and know how much you should devote to each thing. But you also have the advantage of flexibility both in the schedules and in being able to select the jobs that you like and reject those that do not. 

Also, there is no any fixed salary means that you have no limits when it comes to making money and that you can expand to new areas without having to change jobs.