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Freelancers Marketing and Promotion

Oct 17,2018

Important Tips for Marketing and Promotion of your Freelancing Work:

If you are planning to launch your freelancing profile and looking for the new clients, you are here at the right place. Here we will show you how you can market and promote your work. 

Do not sit down to wait, go out and look for them: 

One of the most common mistakes of the self-employed or entrepreneurs is to assume that the clients will come alone. How? If it is possible that nobody knows you. Approach your friends, some former colleagues and little else and let them know about your new venture. 

Before starting up and going out to look for your clients, you have to be very clear about what kind of public you are going to address. And this is very important since as freelances you will have to discern which jobs interest you and which do not. Be very clear about your objectives.

Create a personal brand:

Before starting to hang posters around your neighborhood with your services, start by creating a personal brand. This will make you create an image that people know you for your work and that you generate confidence. For this, you can start by creating a web page with your portfolio or your services or a blog where you can talk about the topic you are going to dedicate to. Let people see that you have mastery and experience in your sector.

Be present in social networks: 

Every day there are dozens of offers from companies to which you can write offering your services on various social media platforms. Although at the same time they are looking for an employee, there are many services that are outsourced.

Join LinkedIn groups where the professionals of your sector are: 

They always talk about how the market is, rates used by the competition, opportunities, etc. Many companies go to these groups in search of a freelance to whom to commission a certain job. It is important that you have control over relevant people in your sector within this network. 

Go to events that are related to your activity: 

During the year there are numerous fairs, congresses, and events attended by personalities and companies open to listening to proposals and networking. The assistance for a freelance is essential since not only will you make yourself known but you will take advantage of it to get direct contact with potential clients. 

Prepare before how you will present yourself and what you want to sell. In this type of act, being brief and concise is very important, since you have very few minutes to make a mark on the other person.

Make cards and a portfolio: 

The cards will be like your ID and you will not leave home without them. You never know where you can meet new people who may be interested in your services or business. Try to be as clear as possible, in the description, there is no doubt about your professional activity. Also, try to be original and somewhat striking. 

Approach to new clients:

Make a list of contacts or companies who may be interested in your services and even if they have not published any offers, write them and let them know your work.